Rick was an excellent addition to our team for a jury trial! He helped us plan for use of the trial technology, spent hours with us on the weekends preparing, formatted presentations and video clips and did a lot of heavy lifting overnight almost every night in trial. Rick worked seamlessly with our team and really became a critical part of it. He even had some insights above and beyond just the trial technology piece, too. Rick was readily accessible and available whenever we needed him -- a real asset to us! He was a consummate professional, and he clearly outclassed the trial technologists used by our opponents. Without reservation, I would use Rick on future trials!
Rick has been a mentor, advisor and inspiration for over 30 years. He has been technology forward thinking serial entrepreneur that has provided me with key strategic advice and insights that have been instrumental in my personal and professional journey
Rick was a key part of our team in a recent federal court trial. Our trial presentation combined documents, powerpoints, video depositions, etc. Rick was diligent, available at all hours of day and night, and handled the technology presentation at trial so well that he earned praise from the judge. I look forward to working with Rick again.
I just concluded a week long federal jury with Rick and can't speak highly enough of his expertise and professionalism. With his technical ability, our trial team was able to utilize seamless demonstratives, exhibit call outs, and video deposition clips. Most importantly, Rick was available 24/7 for mid-trial adjustments. I recommend him highly and look forward to working with him again.
Rick Bell of Supreme Litigation Technologies provided superb assistance to my co-counsel and me in a federal court jury trial in May, 2017, involving a misappropriation of trade secrets case. Rick managed our multi-media presention to the jury on behalf of our client, which was the plaintiff in the case. Rick's excellent work helped us obtain a significant monetary verdict in favor of our client. We look forward to retaining Rick for future federal and state court jury trials.
Rick is a strong leader and is one of the best content creators and business strategists in the industry. His expertise puts clients on the cutting edge of technology and positions them for success inside and outside of the courtroom. As an intellectual property attorney, I have witnessed how technology has revolutionized all phases of my and my firm's practice. Rick's particular skill set as a trial technician brings significant value to the legal team, clients, and overall processes involved. His science and engineering background, and broad industry experience in most of the major federal and local jurisdictions, separates him and provides a unique value to his clients. I have witnessed Rick's professionalism, integrity, and commitment to delivering outstanding technical consultative support to his clients from the most senior level to the entry level team members. Rick's mastery of all phases of legal technology allow the attorneys to concentrate on the law and be the best advocate for their clients. I have known Rick for over 30 years and would not hesitate to highly recommend him for his expertise and skills as a legal and litigation technology consultant.
Rick is a talented litigation consultant and a pleasure to have on a team. I look forward to working with him on future trials.
I have known Rick since 2005. We have worked closely together both on and off site. We have worked long hours on seemingly endless remote matters. Never has he shown himself to be anything , but a honorable and decent man. Rick is a highly competent Hot Seat consultant and war-room project manager with all the qualities required. His understanding of computer fundamentals, networking and software are invaluable in a remote trial situation. He is able to coordinate the logistics of equipment, litigation services and war-room /court-room setup expertly. His extensive history involving trial and litigation databases, graphics and video editing is top level. Rick has an excellent demeanor. His character is calm, attentive, professional and good natured. He brings a sense of levity that is needed during stressful times. Rick knows how to work in a litigation environment. He can triage, prioritize and execute making him capable of working with any level of attorney or expert. If Rick has a task and a deadline, it will get done. I respect Rick greatly for his character, personality and abilities. He has had my back many times and I would gladly choose him to be on my team anytime. If anyone requires a specific recommendation or additional information, I would gladly provide it.
As a fellow Georgia Tech alumnus and entrepreneur, I've personally witnessed Rick Bell's growth from a consultant at a major firm to founding and managing a successfully growing business entity. Rick's background in systems engineering, web technology, new media, and the pharmaceutical industry makes him a unique and integral asset to legal teams that engage in those sectors of IP litigation. Specifically, because he understands the intricacies of the underlying science and technology, he is able to advise prominent law firm clients and fellow experts in complex matters in major venues, such as the ITC, District of Delaware, and Eastern District of Texas. Rick and I regularly collaborate to exchange ideas, build and link our networks, identify industry trends, and promote business opportunities with thought leaders at Georgia Tech and in professional practice. Specifically, based on emerging IP services needs, I have introduced Rick to litigation technology gatekeepers at one of the top 5 international law firms headquartered in Atlanta, and Rick has brokered relationships between my patent law firm and clients, co-counsel, and mentors. I highly recommend Rick Bell's litigation technology services and support for Markman hearings, trials, and other engagements, as well as his dedication to consultative support, customer service, and professional relationship brokering.
Rick did a great job managing the trial graphics for our trial. He was a pleasure to work with, and I'd be happy to do so again.
It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Rick Bell. Rick and I have known each other for over 10 years and have spent many days on the road setting up and supporting trials. Rick always goes out of his way to ensure that everything will go smoothly for his clients and has a do-whatever-it-takes attitude in every situation. He is one of the top trial consultants in the country and I am always 100% confident in putting him in front of any of our clients as I know he will deliver the quality of service our customers expect- every time. I highly recommend you to work with Rick Bell without hesitation.
I have had the privilege of working with Rick for number of years. Rick is proactive, result oriented and a responsible individual. He is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rick to any organization in need of a professional trial technology consultant.
Rick did an outstanding job working with us in an extremely complex, month-long trial. He was quickly able to transition from exhibits, to video, to exhibits so our witness examinations were seamless. He was very professional and fit in great with the team. Can't wait to work with him again!
Rick has done great work for us at Magna on multiple large projects. Always reliable, responsive, professional and amazing with clients.
I worked with Rick on a month long civil trial during which he handled trial AV. He did a great job and I highly recommend using his services. Great guy, always professional and attentive to detail.
Rick is truly an outstanding professional extremely dedicated and skilled in the services his firm provides. His extensive knowledge and experience uniquely makes him a highly sought throughout the nation. Always possess a demeanor that makes his clients feel like he is genuine and resourceful. Simply said, you could not and will not find a better adviser for all of your electronic litigation management needs. I would not hesitate to recommend him to any entity desiring to employ his services.
I would highly recommend Rick Bell with Supreme Litigation. He is amazing. I will absolutely never use another trial support firm other than Supreme. Rick is professional, organized, and experienced which is what you need during trial. I have used other trial support firms in the past and none of them even remotely compare to Rick Bell and Supreme Litigation. Do yourself a favor...hire Rick Bell.
I worked with Rick on a trial while he was a member of the TrialGraphix team. From the moment he arrived at the trial site, he provided support and technical expertise that were greatly valued by the trial team. Rick was always able to quickly digest information and translate it into impactful presentation materials. Rick's strong command of trial technology and excellent organization skills enabled the team to quickly react and change direction if and when needed throughout the trial. Rick is a reliable, solid performer with strong work ethic, and always maintained the highest degree of professionalism. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend him.
Richard is a solidly consistent and trustworthy professional and friend. Richard has built his reputation in the legal technology space year after year with humility and intelligence. His past experiences have uniquely positioned him to help law firms all over the country. Good luck to you, my brother.
I had the pleasure of working with Rick on a trial while he was at TrialGraphix. Rick quickly became a trusted, key member of the trial team. Throughout the lead up to trial and the trial, Rick was always there to help us with our presentation materials and numerous other technical issues. Rick's command of the thousands of exhibits and his operation of the equipment during the months of trial were flawless. Rick is a consummate professional and a great person to work with. He has a strong work ethic, is reliable and inspires confidence. I highly recommend him.
I had the privilege of working with Rick for a number of years while at TrialGraphix. Rick was one our top Presentation Technology Consultants ('Hot Seat Guy') for the organization. Rick is a very motivated, intelligent and dedicated individual. He has shown his ability to perform under pressure and achieve great results. Rick is a trusted consultant and he will do what it takes to ensure success on any high profile project. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Rick to any organization in need of a dedicated, well talented team player. It was a true pleasure working with him.
Rick is a consummate professional with a diverse set of talents. Most of my exposure to his ability came by way of watching him progress at TrialGraphix--in one of the most challenging jobs I know--as a technology consultant and courtroom presentation expert. The job required a unique blend of technical acumen, creative problem solving, graphic and design experience, and political and interpersonal savvy. Rick has equal measures of all of the above. I enjoyed working with him, and would happily recommend him.
Rick Bell is a colleague in the industry that I believe has the skill and talent to offer any company a multimedia and technological advantage. As a fellow consultant I've personally worked with Rick on several projects. He is autonomous, self-contained and always puts the needs of his clients foremost.He can be effective even as a solo act, traveling across the country managing and balancing the needs of his client and company.
Rick is a great professional and a pleasure to work with.
Rick is a very knowledgable and reliable trial consultant who performed all tasks requested of him during a two week federal trial. He is also a good guy and very enjoyable to work with.
Rick did an absolutely outstanding job in an arbitration hearing handling thousands of documents along with charts and demonstrative exhibits that were used in my presentation. He is meticulous and detailed, with all of his suggestions on how to improve the presentation being adopted. Rick is one of the best I've ever worked with.
I have worked with Rick on two trials. His expertise as a technology consultant was top notch. Rick handled high pressure situations with ease and confidence and was able to accommodate the entire trial team's ever changing demands. His work product was timely and high quality.
Rick is one of the 'Old Boys' in the Trial Support industry. He is a dedicated professional who gives 100% to all of his clients. I have known Rick for a long time and he is one of the 'best' !
Rick Bell and the entire TrialGraphix crew provide me with outstanding service, a willingness to go the distance, and invaluable expertise in our legal/trial presentations.
Rick's provided outstanding support and high quality work for our firm over the course of a two week jury trial involving complex medical issues. Rick helped design and create simple but effective graphics that were used throughout the trial, including direct and cross-examination of experts and the closing. Rick was a dedicated member of the team, staying late to finalize the next day's needs and arriving early to make sure each trial day went smoothly. Rick was a big part of the successful result, and I would enjoy working with again.
When a client hired us approximately two weeks before a jury trial, we called on Rick. He assisted us with video and other exhibit presentation during the week-long jury trial. When we handed assignements to Rick at 2:00 a.m., they were ready to go when we walked into the courtroom that morning. If you have a trial and hire Rick, you're one step ahead of the competition.
My firm hired Rick to provide technology support for a month long trial. He was tremendous. I can't say enough complementary things about him.
Rick went to war with us in a highly contentious jury trial. He handled all our graphics, trial demonstratives, videos, editing, and Trial Director exhibits. Fantastic job by a valued member of the Team. I'd go to trial with Rick any day.
Rick Bell is a technology consultant of the highest order. He is extremely skilled with technical matters, but equally importantly he excels in communication within his work group and with clients. Mr. Bell successfully gets the job done while having the vision to be a long term asset to his clients, co-workers and team members.
I highly recommend Rick Bell's work as a Technology Consultant. Mr Bell is a very sharp and talented individual with a keen eye for detail and a wide range of knowledge in his field. He makes technology understandable and accesible to the technically less savvy and uses his remarkable skill set to create polished products that allow the end user to shine by presenting their information in an extremely professional and persuasive manner.
Rick is a true professional who handles pressure and demands in an extremely confident and reassuring manner. His technical acumen, flexibility and work ethic have proven to be invaluable to our clients and is probably the reason why many of his clients routinely request to work with him again on other engagements.
I have known Rick as a business partner and most importantly, as a long time friend. His business acumen and knowledge in the area of Technology is broad and remarkable. Rick is able to quickly pin-point solutions in order to get the job done! His positive attitude and determined mind set will certainly help anyone interested in partnering with Rick to use his technical consulting services for their business. Rick is a proven leader in his field as well as very active in his community, I value his opinion and highly recommend him
Rick Bell, is a consummate professional who works extremely hard to meet the demands of his clients. Throughout the years, Rick has worked tirelessly, sometimes around the clock to get a project completed. I would recommend Rick to anyone in need of a hard working professional.